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FANATIC WHITE LINEN Eau de Parfum - 50 ml

FANATIC WHITE LINEN Eau de Parfum - 50 ml

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FANATIC WHITE LINEN Perfume to enchant your senses with its refreshing blend of top notes, creating an airy and light introduction. As the heart notes delicately intertwine to form a bouquet of floral sophistication, the journey concludes with lingering base notes, leaving a subtle and enduring trail of understated elegance. Fanatic White Linen perfume transcends being a mere scent; it's a sensory experience mirroring the purity and simplicity of white linen.

Key Features:

  • Versatile and Long-Lasting: FANATIC WHITE LINEN Perfume is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and long-lasting fragrance to accompany them throughout the day.
  • Unisex Appeal: Perfect for both men and women, this unisex perfume embodies an enduring fragrance suitable for daily wear or special occasions.
  • 50ml Bottle: Encased in a 50ml bottle, FANATIC WHITE LINEN Perfume is an ideal companion for those who appreciate pure and fine fragrances.
  • Pure and Fine Fragrances: Crafted with pure and fine fragrances, this perfume offers a sensory journey that reflects refined simplicity and elegance.
  • Ideal for Daily Use or Special Occasions: FANATIC WHITE LINEN's long-lasting fragrance makes it equally ideal for daily wear or special occasions.

Fragrances Notes


TOP NOTES Fresh Bergamot and Gentle Balsamic Notes Of Lavender
MIDDLE NOTES Lily, Sensual Musk
BASE NOTES Vanilla, Sandal, Amber, And the Gourmand Tone of Coffee


Fanatic White Linen Perfume Fanatic White Linen Perfume
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